Spear Bearer

“Subduing the prey caught by the Fisherman and keeping the pressure on from the rear by sniping… Spear Bearer”

The Spear Bearer carries a large number of weapons aptly known as ‘Spears’. They tend to be heavy, so Spear bearers focus on throwing them with exceptional force at very far ranges. It helps if the targets are actually where they should be, but that’s the Light Bearer’s problem.
Destruction is their forte. Although a Fisherman will likely defeat a Spear Bearer in close combat it is the Spear Bearer’s job to make sure they don’t get two steps away. They famously use terrain and natural stealth to their advantage and proper direction from Scouts and Light Bearers to rain down fury without mercy.

The mounting thickness of Shinsu on higher floors requires Spear Bearers to become efficient, powerful killers. Lack of Shinsu resistance gives an aspiring Spear Bearer a large problem to work around, because any range decrease may buy a particularly angry fish the opportunity it needs to escape and wreck havoc.

While their natural niche is sniping, some Spear Bearers enjoy dominating close combat and are terrors to behold. After all, there’s nowhere to run from a Spear Bearer.

Spear Bearer

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