“In the foremost line, using Observers to probe the enemy lines and aiding the Fisherman’s offense… Scout”

The Scout is generally the first to find the enemy, the first to engage the enemy, and the first to fall to the enemy. Don’t mention that last one to any Scouts. They can just as battle worthy as a Fisherman, but a Scout focuses more on not being seen.
Because Scouts often work alone they sometimes eschew the comfort of a Light, instead opting to be concealed in the darkness and use it against those who hide from it. In place of Lights, they tend towards items known as ‘Observers’ which can both collect and transmit info on the enemies they find. Canny Scouts also interfere with opposed Light Bearers, sowing misinformation and distrust amongst those they count foes.

Tending towards eluding attacks and detection in lieu of the ‘grin and bear it’ approach Scouts are much trickier than most. Some scouts focus on winning without landing a blow themselves, while others try to defeat all they can before being found out. This causes Scouts to be categorized as either ‘Information Type’ or ‘Combat Type’.

Scouts tend to combine aspects from all the other positions. They get closer than Fishermen, are harder to pin down than Spear Bearers, gather more intel than Light Bearers, and do whatever is is Wave Controllers do more than Wave Controllers (don’t tell that to any Wave Controllers either). This sometimes causes those who have fewer special skills to be placed into the Scout Position and accounts for the high death-from-incompetence rate they suffer. (Seriously, don’t talk to anyone about this. I like my legs.)


The Second String Slayah