Light Bearer

“Shining light into the Darkness and gathering and analyzing the Darkness to deliver Light the their Guide… Light Bearer”

The Tower can get dark. Oppressively dark. Some swear darker than before they were born. It is the job of the Light Bearer to destroy that darkness and serve it for a late lunch. Their standard equipment consists of a stationary Lighthouse where they control mobile Lights. Light Bearers process information in their Lighthouse and leave their Lights with their allies.
Lights can be exceptionally versatile, and can perform any number of tasks if correctly configured. Some examples include transportation, shielding, cloaking, restriction, and smashing. Of course they also emit light. Just sayin’.

The Light Bearer primarily acts as a communication hub and often the team leader, a slow or stupid Light Bearer has caused the fall of many trusting Scouts. Light Bearers can act through their Lights in many varying ways, the most common being closed communication networks and natural hazard detection/protection.

Of course there is always that one Light Bearer who decides that they aren’t actually terrible at fighting and decide to try their hand at front lining. Those happy few that aren’t minced into a fine paste find that while being up close to the action somewhat hampers the battle co-ordination, finely tuned control of their Lights allows them to be versatile combatants.

Light Bearer

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