“For those who can stand alone, using a Reel Inventory, and forming the core of the fighting power… Fisherman”

The Fisherman is the center of any battle or fish hunt, as they are the ones who hunt and capture the prey. By standing on the front lines they keep foes locked down and by using tricks such as reinforcing their bodies with Shinsu ensure that they shall be the last ones standing.
Primary goals of the Fisherman include damage mitigation and dealing, while keeping the action focused on the front lines. A Fisherman that cannot protect their allies will soon find they have none.

‘Fisherman’ is also known as ‘The King of Positions’ as it is also used as a term for a warrior that transcends mortal combat and becomes a thing of legend and beauty.

Standard Fishermen control and dominate swaths of opponents. For those who prefer to revel in one on one battles the subclassing of “Duelist” is applied.


The Second String Slayah