Combat in the Tower

There is a lot in the tower. And if you intend to climb, a good chunk of that is going to try to take a good chunk of you. The best way to avoid this (besides giving up and going home with both your remaining limbs) is to have a team at your back, so that when they’re getting eaten you can be running the other way screaming at an appropriate volume.

When combat erupts between various interested (angry) parties, it helps to know what you’re doing, and as such

The Positions:
Fisherman: Those who catch the prey
Spear Bearer: Those who kill the prey
Scout: Those who find the prey
Light Bearer: Those who entrap the prey
Wave Controller: Those who do fuck all and then take all of the credit the prey

While there are many other positions, these are the primary ones involved in battle.

Combat is often in dark conditions, with movement restricting Shinsoo around.

Combat in the Tower

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