Chargen and Special rules

I’ve been working on ‘fixing’ Legend, but I don’t think I’ll ever be entirely happy with it, so we might as well start playtesting some of my ideas and see what breaks. For a start grab the PDF at and stat up a first level character. If anything you grab (tracks, feats, and items mostly) falls under one of my fixes I’ll let you know. Fyi, if something seems stupidly weak or strong in the pdf chances are I’ve already gotten around to it, but if not I probably know anyway and am merely scratching my head on how to fix it. Because everything I’m working on is extremely touch and go I may have to simply say ‘no’ to some choices and “AW HELL NO” to others. Mostly because the more I do the more I realize how much there is. We won’t be using many (probably any) system fixes I’ve come up with because they break things different right now. This is going to be a fly by night mess of zanyness that will hopefully point out more things that I need to do. Yay makework.

Anyway: First level characters, use the ability array 16 14 14 12 10 10 (same abilities as Pathfinder)
Grab a race from the list here: Second String Races
Then pick your class and multiclass, feats, and item as normal.
Any questions float me a text, I’ll be busy this sunday but next week we’ll likely be able to run.
As far as your fluff goes I’ve deliberately left everything vague but with the setting (which ideally you know nothing about) probably anything y’all come up with will be good. Tell me about it and we’ll pow-wow.

Peace and long life

Changes that have come up in game:
Attacks of opportunity are no longer attacks, they automatically deal half your level + dex [Piercing] damage.

Chargen and Special rules

The Second String Slayah