The Legend of the King

A long time ago a wave crashed upon our people in the form of a man who called himself The King. He arrived with stories of eternal, far off lands that only the worthy could find. He promised to tame our savage land of demons and fate. But he could not stay forever, as he said “This place is too boggy”. So when he and his companions left us, he shouted a promise. To return when he was a God.

He has not been seen since.

There were those of our village who went to look for him, and the few that returned alive only spoke of the walls that surround us, and the bright stone sky that covers us. The King once told us of the stars that exist in his night, but ours burn with neither the same flame nor intensity.

In the time that has passed our village has survived, with others like it. We have fought our demons, as is our fate. But we have never since seen strangers such as The King and his friends. Their wonders put us to shame, as they struck down beasts we thought mighty as the sea.

These stories are true, for when The King arrived he woke our Guardian which had previously slept only in song. We now know where our Guardian sleeps, down deep inside our forest, surrounded by beasts mighty as the sea.

It is from there that a new wave now comes.

Our Guardian calls us, and we must hurry.

Chargen and Special rules

The Second String

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